26 Apr 2017

Anthroprophh to play with Damo Suzuki at the Exchange

Excited to announce that Anthroprophh will be playing with Can legend Damo Suzuki at The Exchange in Bristol on 12 May.

Anthroprophh will be joined by Ocean Floor, Harry Furniss and Helen Papaioannou

More info here: The Exchange


25 Apr 2017

Freq reviews Flowers Must Die's Kompost LP

It reads:

This is Swedish six piece Flowers Must Die‘s fourth album and the first to be made available outside Sweden. Rocket Recordings must have welcomed them with open arms after hearing the dramatic, expansive psychedelic masterclass that they have managed to squeeze into the nine tracks and forty three minutes of this LP.

They come from a fine pedigree of Swedish bands that play the kind of expansive psychedelia we have here, but Flowers Must Die’s extra special ingredient is that they understand the groove and can charm their listeners into moving in a more elegant way than just shaking their heads...

Read the rest here: Freq


The Quietus previews Flowers Must Die's up-and-coming UK dates

It says:

Motorik Swedish psych outfit Flowers Must Die will play four shows across the UK this week.

Beginning at Brighton's The Prince Albert tonight, followed by a London headline show at The Shacklewell Arms tomorrow (26 April), with the six-piece bringing a heady mix of relentless Can-esque rhythm and headspinning Scandinavian freakouts.

The band are touring in support of their debut album, Kompost, released on the ever-impeccable Rocket Recordings on 28 April. All dates are below, while you can buy tickets now.

25 The Prince Albert, Brighton
26 The Shacklewell Arms, London
28 The Cube, Bristol

See the full piece here: The Quietus


Hey Colossus to play La Ferme Electric Festival

Hey Colossus have been confirmed to play La Ferme Electric Festival on 7/8 July in Paris

Details and tickets can be found here: La Ferme Electric


Gnoomes to play Боль Festival in Moscow

The band say this about it:

Боль is the festival for the Russian musicians. The music differs from guitar rock to experimental electronics. It will be a third festival that is held in Moscow but if the first edition of the festival had consisted completely of Russian bands, the current year would have seen such acts as Girl Band, The KVB, Iceage. 

Some info (we think) in Russian about it here: Gnoomes


Poster for Flowers Must Die's album release party at Bristol's Cube Cinema

Info and tickets can be found here: Cube Cinema


Merchants of Air reviews KURO – Living Room Concert

It reads:

Two days later, we jumped on the tram towards Ashtoreth's living room where a duo named Kuro was about to perform. We didn't know the band but hey, when you're invited to that living room, you go. Once inside, we noticed the instruments, a violin, a theremin and an electric double bass. I loved it already. We cheated a bit too, since we listened to their album beforehand. I couldn't wait for this gig to start.

When it did, it pretty much blew everybody away. From inside the very soul of these instruments came a form of music that blended drones, ambient, classical music and jazz together in a whirlpool of soundscapes. I fell in love with the double bass (afterwards, Ashtoreth and I were plotting a plan to steal it) and, like every one inside, I was mesmerized by the music these two played. Of course we bought the vinyl afterwards.

When the final tones of the concert faded away, something hilarious happened, but I'm not going to tell you what that was. To know that, you will have to read my book, 'Cecilia's World' which is currently being written. This concert (and many others) will appear in it since it's a book about a young girl who discovered the world of alternative and underground music. Merchants Of Air will keep you updated about that when the time is right.

So, anyway, these were two amazing concerts which I will not easily forget...

Read the rest here: Merchants of Air